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Bay View Hunters Point Community Fund

685 Corbett Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94114

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Sai Seigel

Bay View Hunters Point Community Fund


The Bayview Hunters Point Community Fund (BVHPCF) was established in 2001 to support youth serving agencies in the Bayview Hunters Point (BVHP) community in San Francisco. BVHPCF is a fund of the Tides Foundation and a project of the Tides Center. Its vision is that youth living in BVHP are actively engaged in youth development programs and activities within indigenous organizations that promote wellness and work together to create innovative solutions to community problems. The purpose of the BVHPCF is to support young people by strengthening the capacity of youth serving organizations to create sustained community wellness in BVHP neighborhoods. Sustained community wellness for youth means that: Young people have a say and voice in the programs, policies, and activities that directly affect them and their families. Youth are not just being served as clients but are engaged in decision-making, planning, and program delivery. Through meaningful involvement in their community and youth serving organizations, youth can develop into positive and resilient young adults who have the capacity to enrich and better their communities. Youth serving organizations have the capacity for long-term organizational sustainability and effectiveness. This capacity includes strong staff and board leadership. It encompasses effectiveness and accountability in all organizational aspects, including: human resources, financial management, organizational planning and development, and program delivery. Youth serving groups communicate and collaborate effectively. Youth serving groups work with each other and with public and private funders and other agencies to better meet the complex and interconnected issues faced by BVHP youth. Collaboration between organizations is organic and responsive to evolving community needs and challenges. BVHPCF provides general support grants and capacity building assistance to assist BVHP youth development organizations to build and strengthen overall organizational health and to enhance their ability to provide effective youth services and youth development opportunities. Individual and group capacity building activities are focused on three priority areas organizational leadership and collaboration capacity, youth development capacity, and overall organizational capacity.


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