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California Coalition for Reproductive Freedom

P.O. Box 2680
Berkeley, CA 94702

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Shailushi Ritchie



Primary Issue Area:

Human Rights

Geographical Scope:

United States: statewide


Environment & Health

CCRF is a statewide alliance of more than 40 organizations working to promote sexual and reproductive health, rights and justice in California through collective policy advocacy, strategic communication and collaboration. CCRF was informally started nearly 30 years ago to encourage strategic coordination of policy advocacy activities among the 'key players' in the state reproductive health and rights movement. Over the past three decades, the Coalition has grown from a handful of pro-choice organizations based in Sacramento to a dynamic, diverse membership of more than 40 groups throughout the state. CCRF is the only statewide coalition in California dealing specifically with reproductive and sexual health, rights and justice policy issues. On all of these issues, CCRF plays a key role in facilitating rapid and broad response by keeping the lines of communication open, disseminating information and calls to action throughout our membership, and encouraging strategic coordination and collaboration wherever possible. CCRF is looked to nationally as a model for successful coalition work in the reproductive health, rights and justice movements, both in terms of the policy wins resulting from our members' collective advocacy, and in terms of our commitment to being a truly diverse, democratic coalition. CCRF's vision is that California policies and programs will promote sexual and reproductive health, rights and justice for the diverse women and girls living in our state, and that the voices of those women and their communities will be represented among the leadership of policy advocacy efforts.


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