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522 Valencia St. #2
San Francisco, CA 94110

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Isaac Lev Szmonko

Catalyst Project


Social justice struggles have long been undermined and divided by racism. Our mission is to develop anti-racist analysis, practice, and leadership in white communities in order to help build grassroots, mass-based, multiracial movements for change. We operate from a vision of collective liberation based on challenging white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, heterosexism, the gender binary system and imperialism. Catalyst Project works with predominantly white organizations and activists around the country to move towards an anti-racist framework, and to form principled and accountable multiracial alliances to advance an overall left agenda for justice for all people. Our major areas of work are: National Political Education: workshops, panels, and presentations nation-wide; New Orleans Solidarity: supporting the struggle for justice in the Gulf Coast; Building the Anti-War Movement: working with military families and war resisters; 15 week Anti-Racist Training Program (still being developed); "Towards Collective Liberation," a book to be self-published in 2007; Study and Struggle: a space for building alliances, learning history, and developing theory.


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