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Chris Grove



Primary Issue Area:

Human Rights

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Policy, Strategy & Global Initiatives

ESCR-Net is a collaborative initiative between groups and individuals working globally to secure economic and social justice through the use of international human rights norms and standards (please see attached list of Network participating organizations). It seeks to promote the recognition of all human rights but with a specific focus on economic, social, and cultural rights (ESCR). ESCR-Net works towards the following goals: To provide a flexible, supportive, and decentralized structure that enables groups from different parts of the world pursuing common interests in human rights and social justice to work together. One of the primary means to achieve this goal is through the operation of thematic working groups, which enable groups to share strategies and approaches as well as initiate joint projects and actions for the promotion and defense of economic, social, and cultural rights. To enhance the capacity of groups, organizations, activists, and other actors to use human rights as a tool to strengthen their own work. To build the field of ESCR by developing new tools and strategies through information sharing and coordination of international advocacy and action on ESCR issues.


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