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Cynthia Chavez



LeaderSpring's mission is to foster a powerful, equity-driven social sector by strengthening leaders and organizations; developing communities of leaders; and transforming the systems in which they work. LeaderSpring achieves the following results from its work: -High-performing, innovative nonprofits; -Development and retention of top, diverse leadership and managerial talent in the nonprofit sector; and -Improved quality or expanded scope of critical social services and advocacy programs that support primarily low-income communities. Since 1997, LeaderSpring has awarded almost 200 exceptional leaders and their agencies with an intensive program of leadership development, management skills training, customized mentoring, and networking. As a result, Fellows and their agencies are improving the social, economic, and personal opportunities of hundreds of thousands of people who reside in San Francisco Bay Area's most impoverished neighborhoods. Annually, LeaderSpring serves two groups of 14 diverse and dynamic local leaders through two-year Fellowships. The majority of LeaderSpring Fellows are women and people of color, and they are typically representative of the communities they serve. Fellows lead a wide range of both community services and advocacy programs. In a recent survey of graduated Fellows, LeaderSpring found that: 100% increased the overall performance of their agencies; 100% increased their access to cross-sector networks for information and resource exchange; 100% increased their confidence in their positions; and 82% increased the likelihood that they will continue in their roles as executive director.


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