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Open MIC

c/o Michael Connor 235 West End Avenue #4F
New York, NY 10023

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Michael Connor



Primary Issue Area:

Social Justice

Geographical Scope:

United States: national


Policy, Strategy & Global Initiatives

Open MIC is a joint initiative of Trillium Asset Management and Platform Equity. Both are mission-driven investment firms that understand the social-change potential of the capital markets. Open MIC was conceived as a way of developing media-responsibility principles and metrics that investors could use in evaluating and communicating with publicly held media companies. Publicly held media companies play a crucial and unique role in modern democratic society. With that unique role come equally distinctive challenges and opportunities, risks and rewards, both social and financial. The Open MIC Initiative will establish an independent reporting framework for measuring corporate media performance in terms of these distinctive social and financial registers. Open MIC's mission is to create a reporting framework for media responsibility that various stakeholders--including shareholders--can use to measure and promote excellence in publicly held media companies. Open MIC defines media excellence in terms of the values essential to both democratic society and a vibrant media economy.


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