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Alexandra Carter



The mission of the Safe Spaces project is to strengthen, and create, welcoming spaces that foster the development and flourishing of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (GLBTQ) youth. GLBTQ youth are at a significantly higher risk for homeless and suicide than non-GLBTQ youth – up to four times greater, according to recent research. The recent, highly-publicized cases of youth suicides in response to bullying and harassment serve to underscore a long-standing set of problems, and the need for effective solutions. In that mix must be places where GLBTQ youth can feel safe, be themselves, and develop into successful adults. Our own research has indicated that there is a paucity of such spaces in the United States, and those that do exist need capacity-building support in order to do their important work most effectively. Our approach is unique on two levels. First, we believe we are the only project in the country dedicated to creating and supporting the effectiveness of safe spaces for GLBTQ youth. Second, our target audience is two-fold. We focus not just on strengthening existing GLBTQ youth space; we seek to create inclusive space in “mainstream” youth-serving organizations. This latter goal has the additional benefit of increasing awareness and tolerance among non-GLBTQ youth and adults, as they come into increasing contact with GLBTQ people in positive ways.


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