Collaborate with Funders

Expanding HIV treatment access in the developing world. Moving the needle on childhood obesity in the U.S. Catalyzing a global movement for disability rights. These issues are daunting for any single funder to tackle effectively. Such challenges demand the coordinated human and financial resources of multiple institutions. Through a Tides-managed funding collaborative or collective action fund, funders gain operational efficiencies, leverage the knowledge and expertise of others, and ultimately amplify their impact.

    Support for funding collaboratives includes:

    • A neutral platform to accept grants from diverse funding sources such as government agencies, private foundations, corporations, and individuals located in the U.S. or abroad.
    • Basic grants administrative services for domestic and global grants.
    • Ideas and consulting on governance and decision making structures.
    • Management of complex financial activity including consulting contracts.
    • Basic or customized reporting to multiple funders.
    • Staffing and other programmatic operations that support grantmaking.

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