Start a Fund

Start a Fund

By opening a fund at Tides you establish an efficient and effective way to make positive change in the world. Tides takes the “heavy lifting” out of philanthropy.  Establishing a donor advised fund (DAF) gives you several advantages over creating a stand-alone corporate foundation or managing your corporate giving internally.

  • Tides is a public charity, so contributions – including gifts of appreciated stock, real estate property and other assets – are immediately tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
  • Your fund can support domestic nonprofits as well as organizations based outside of the US.
  • Tides handles all administrative details of the fund including processing contributions, managing a database of grantees and conducting due diligence on all grants so that you can focus on your values and vision.
  • Online access through allows you to check fund balances, research groups, and make grant recommendations.

In addition to administering your donor advised fund, Tides offers you with an array of consulting services to increase the impact of your giving.   

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