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Leaving a Legacy

Achieving true positive social change is a long-term proposition. As an engaged and thoughtful individual, your values are an integral part of the legacy you leave. How do you plan to make a difference in the world, today – and tomorrow? What are the mechanisms that ensure your philanthropic wishes will be carried out? Whether you currently work with Tides to facilitate your philanthropy, or are looking for a flexible way to ensure that your principles and priorities are honored far into the future, Tides provides a range of planned giving options that leave your legacy in reliable and experienced hands.

When you make a planned giving gift with Tides:

  • Your charitable objectives will be honored.
  • Your values and priorities are shared and respected.
  • Your gift will be used effectively to support issues and organizations that are important to you.
  • Your planned gift will give you the most security, flexibility, and benefits possible.

Tides works collaboratively with you and your financial advisor or attorney to develop a plan that can benefit your family while supporting issues in which you believe for years to come. Tides accepts a wide variety of gifts including cash, real estate, life insurance, retirement plan designations, and securities. And, our planned giving options can – depending on your situation – provide you with substantial tax advantages.

If you have a donor advised fund with Tides, a charitable memo of intent will ensure that your philanthropic vision and values will continue either guided by Tides or your designated successors. You can also designate Tides as a beneficiary of your retirement account, charitable remainder trust, or make a testamentary gift through your will.

To discuss your planned giving with Tides, please contact:
Maria Bernasconi, Financial Services Manager, 415.561.6374,

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"I’ve been supporting environmental groups for decades. In that time, I’ve seen many groups come and go—it’s the nature of nonprofits fighting the good fight. But the goal of my funding hasn’t changed. That’s why I’ve left clear instructions with Tides in my Planned Giving Program. Having worked with the staff at Tides for some time, I feel more than comfortable that they will make sure my philanthropic goals are met in years to come."

-- Tides Donor

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