Death Penalty Mobilization Fund

Death Penalty Mobilization Fund State Strategies

The application period for the 2013 DPMF State Strategies funding cycle is now open.

General Information:

The Death Penalty Mobilization Fund (DPMF) is a collaborative of Tides Foundation and The Advocacy Fund that supports strategic collaborations of local, regional or national nonprofits [501(c)(3)’s and 501(c)(4)’s] working to abolish the death penalty at the state and/or federal levels.

Background Information: 

DPMF was initiated in 2000 by a Tides donor and is sustained through the support of individual and institutional partners.  To date, the DPMF has awarded over $5.5 million in grants.

State Strategies Grants:

The upcoming State Strategies segment of the DPMF, in coordination with Funders for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (FADP), will provide grants to state-based activist organizations working on death penalty abolition or reform efforts in the US.  Grants can be used for organizational and/or staff capacity, campaign development or implementation, public education, and direct and grassroots lobbying.  Priority will be given to states where a grant will make a significant contribution towards securing a concrete victory or strategic outcome.   

State Strategies 2013 Cycle:

All organizations invited to submit a proposal have been notified. The 2013 LOI process is now complete.  

State Strategies and FADP LOI Process:

DPMF and FADP are seeking to streamline the funding process for all state-based organizations. Because of this, ALL state-based campaigns that seek funding from FADP should submit a DPMF State Strategies LOI and NOT an additional FADP LOI. Our hope is that this will simplify the process for the campaigns, and maximize flexibility and coordination for participating foundations. The DPMF State Strategies LOIs and proposals will be used to determine funding from both Tides and other FADP funding sources. Therefore, the amount requested, as well as submitted budgets, should reflect the full amount you are requesting from Tides DPMF and FADP combined. Please request the level of funding appropriate to your organization’s current needs. Actual grant amounts will be determined in consideration of a full spectrum of needs and opportunities within the field as well as funds available.  

Applying for Funding from Tides Foundation and The Advocacy Fund:

Tides Foundation (a 501(c)(3) public charity) makes grants to 501(c)(3) charitable organizations for charitable and educational project activities only. The Advocacy Fund (a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization) makes grants to 501(c)(4) charitable organizations for lobbying activities. Your organization is welcome to apply for funding from both Tides Foundation and The Advocacy Fund depending on your funding needs. If your organization is applying for funding from both Tides Foundation and The Advocacy Fund for one project, you must submit separate cover sheets and project budgets, although all other application materials can be the same for each proposed project, including the narrative describing both 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) activities. 


  • DPMF does not support the production of videos or films.   
  • DPMF does not support the writing and publication of books and other publications but may consider strategic distribution of publications.
  • DPMF does not support capital defense/legal representation (unless activities include a systemic change component.)
  • DPMF does not support dissertations, postgraduate work or research.
  • DPMF will not provide support to individuals.  In particular, journalistic and academic projects are not supported.


Please contact Tides at with any questions regarding the LOI, proposal and submission process.  For more substantive programmatic questions, please contact Pat Clark at noting “Tides DPMF question” in the subject line.


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Reference & Application Materials

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  • DPMF 2013 TAF Org Summary Sheet
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