The Civic Participation Fund



Funding voter registration, education and protection efforts in 2012 directly impacts youth, black, Latino, middle-class, low-income and women voters, as well as people with disabilities. Civic-engagement efforts focused on new-majority communities are a necessity in the struggle toward a more socially-just world; this work is performed by social-change organizations that need money, and need it fast. The diverse voices which these organizations represent, which are too-often unheard or ignored, are in danger of becoming silenced this year without action.


It is time for us to help. As individuals and organizations who care about representative and participatory democracy, we must support the organizations that amplify the multitude of voices in America today. 

To promote and protect voters' participation, Tides has launched the Civic Participation Fund. This Fund will channel money into new-majority voter engagement organizations. Later this year, the Fund will facilitate expedited grant-making to select civic-participation organizations, to  cover organizing and funding gaps in the field as efficiently as possible.

  • Tides is putting our money where our mouth is – and we’re looking for partners. Tides is concentrating its limited discretionary funding on filling select organizations’ immediate needs. The Fund will begin grant-making with an invite-only funding docket for organizations that conduct coordinated voter-registration efforts.
  • Early indicators suggest that urgent funding needs for voter protection and education efforts will arise late this year. Upon expedited review by its board of directors, Tides will conduct 72-hour grant-making to select organizations in the period from Labor Day to Election Day from within the Fund, and at the fund advisors’ sole recommendation. While remaining committed to Tides’ industry-leading due-diligence, this Fund will provide a vehicle for contributors to drive more money into critical efforts faster.

WHO SHOULD partner with us:

  • Donors new to civic-participation funding. Make an impact where new and anchor-organizations most need help. Tides fund advisors will put together a tailored portfolio of organizations and efforts that have demonstrated success in registering, educating and protecting voters.
  • Donors with more experience in civic-engagement giving. The Fund provides a unique opportunity for fast grant-making during the election period. In working with Tides, your contributions to grantees will fill critical civic-participation gaps more rapidly than ever.

Notes: Donors and funders who contribute $50,000 or more are invited to co-advise the funding strategy with Tides senior leaders. Complete information about the grant-making strategies outlined above will be made available to select individuals and institutions, including donors to the Tides Civic Participation Fund.

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