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Why not integrate separate models of care if it could mean better health for clients and their families?

That is the essential question that drives the work of Tides Foundation’s Africa Family Planning and HIV Integration Fund, or Tides Africa Fund.

A new report, Making the Case for Integration, documents this new holistic approach, which since 2007 has included the Tides Foundation among its growing number of advocates. Tides Africa Fund, with support from the Hewlett Foundation, dispersed grants totaling $1.3 million in 2008–2009 to pioneer integration efforts in six countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The fund supports the region’s expansion of integrated care.

Making the Case for Integration includes profiles of leaders in the integration field, a summary of current research, and analysis of difficult challenges and real solutions by experts from the public and philanthropic sectors.

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    Making the Case for Integration: Tides Foundation Africa Family Planning and HIV Integration Fund