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388 8th Street
Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

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Sarah Boren



Founded in 1996, the Green Team Project is a grassroots nonadvocacy, nonpartisan environmental nonprofit that focuses on environmental education and community outreach. Its mission is to educate and support individuals and small businesses on how to save money by becoming environmentally-friendly in their every day practices. We work with individuals, companies, schools, nonprofit organizations, religious groups, and government agencies to conserve natural resources and support environmentally friendly behavior and products. It is our strong belief that both individuals and businesses can maintain a high standard of living and profitability while conducting themselves and their businesses in an environmentally responsible manner. The Project is about positive change. Our team process and locally tailored materials support behavior and attitude change in a fun, supportive, and non-judgmental manner and demonstrates that environmental stewardship is easy and makes good "pocket book" sense.


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