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Out of Site Youth Arts Center

755 Ocean Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94112

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Reed Davaz McGowan

Out of Site Youth Arts Center


Out of Site Youth Arts Center responds to the need for relevant arts education, that is guided by youth development ideas, and that connects underserved youth to the broader community. We offer free after school visual and performing arts classes to public high school students. The mission of Out of Site Youth Arts Center is to DEVELOP new models of teaching and thinking about the arts and arts education at a high school level, to INSPIRE community engagement by participating in the world through the creation of art, and to CREATE connections among communities through programs that are diverse in their participants and their content and teaching methods. The Out of Site Youth Arts Center is in the Ingleside neighborhood of San Francisco and provides after school, weekend, and summer programs in the visual and performing arts for public high school students. Our free programs attract students from about 6 neighboring public high schools. Our students are generally youth of color and from low-income or working-class families. They have had few opportunities in the arts and have little access to safe, productive after school activities. All the research demonstrates that work in the arts and participation in after school programs significantly contribute to increased academic and life skills, and greater community involvement. The youth in the southern part of our city need the programs at Out of Site Youth Arts Center. Out of Site Youth Art Center's ultimate goal is to transform the lives of youth through the arts. We are the only arts nonprofit in San Francisco that is committed to working exclusively with public high school students. Our arts center is unique in that it’s multi-disciplinary and works with best practices in arts education and youth development. This means that not only is the arts education relevant, challenging, and skills-based, but that we care about and nurture the emotional and social development of our youth. Our classes have included black and white photography, dance, theater, set design, painting, architecture, music ensemble, hip hop, writing and recording, fashion design, and portfolio workshop. After school classes meet twice a week for 2 hours a day for approximately 10 weeks. Students can receive course credit through their schools.


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