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SEED (Stretch, Enliven, Ennoble, Discover)

104-20 Queens Blvd., Suite 22C
Forest Hills, NY 11375

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Melinda Lackey

SEED (Stretch, Enliven, Ennoble, Discover)


Primary Issue Area:

Social Justice

Geographical Scope:



Community Development & Services

In the past three years, SEED has assisted more than 175 organizations to improve their planning, performance and impacts. Our approach capacity-building replaces the less efficient, less creative, less collaborative ways that non-profits often use to develop and execute strategic plans: • unique to the nonprofit field • consistently produces considerable added value • overwhelmingly positive testimony • low cost and modest time commitment • viewed as “on target” by capacity-building specialists, foundation and government sponsors, and veteran program managers • high rates of returning customers. The SEED methodology can be applied usefully by teams addressing virtually any social issue. With minimal catalytic coaching, program teams reliably recognize and power up the resources they already possess. SEED aims to assist maximum innovation, performance improvements, and expanding impacts across the field. Join us in making big dreams doable. Website: Contact us: Free subscription to monthly “SEED Moment”


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