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Impact Investing

Total Portfolio Activation: A Framework for Creating Social and Environmental Impact across Asset Classes
Interest in investment that pursues social and environmental impact has exploded in recent years. Although opportunities for impact investing have emerged across asset classes, most impact-investment activity has remained largely confined to a limited array of private investments, touching only a small percentage of investor portfolios. For organizations and individuals seeking greater impact and better alignment between their investment activities and their mission or values, there remains a pressing need for tools to help investors identify and seize opportunities to activate more of their assets for social and environmental benefit. To help fill this gap, this paper introduces a simple conceptual framework: Total Portfolio Activation.
Ultimate Impact: Unifying an Investment Portfolio with a Donor Advised Fund
Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) have grown in use over recent decades, serving as the core philanthropic vehicle for community and public foundations and, more recently, being offered through commercial investment firms as a philanthropic option for clients. When linked with an impact investing strategy, the DAF may serve as a unique, focused asset management vehicle for creating a unified portfolio generating financial performance with social and environmental impacts.n.
Assessing Social Impacts of Investments: Developing Effective Evaluation Systems to Measure Social Returns
While the details of the evaluation systems and processes will vary by program and desired impact, these guidelines have broad applications for any kind of evaluation.

Fact Sheets

Tides Fact Sheet: HIV/AIDS
Information on Tides work in the areas of HIV/AIDS funding, prevention, and advocacy.

Service Guides

Tides Signature Funds & Services Brochure

Tides General One-Pager
Tides Fiscal Sponsorship One-Pager
Tides Charitable Giving One-Pager
Tides Donor Advised Funds One-Pager
Tides Collective Action Funds One-Pager
Tides Consulting One-Pager
Tides ERG One-Pager


Donor Guides

The right to the city cover image The Right to the City
Reclaiming our urban centers, reframing human rights, and redefining citizenship: A conversation between donor activist Connie Cagampang Heller and Gihan Perera of the Miami Workers Center.
Changing the social climate cover image Changing the Social Climate
How global warming affects economic justice, the future of the progressive movement, and whether your child walks to school.
Global Change cover image Global Change
A guide to giving for global change; publication of Tides Foundation.
What's Next cover image What's Next
Supporting the evolution of social change movements; publication of Tides Foundation.
Arc-ing Towards Justic cover image Arcing Toward Justice
The Evolution of the Living Wage Movement. Sponsored by the Bridging the Economic Divide Initiative of Tides Foundation.

Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal Sponsorship Is Maturing as a Field
M. Melanie Beene, in Grantmakers in the Arts Reader, 2010
A White Paper: On Fiscal Sponsorship
By Joshua Sattely, Esq. of Third Sector New England (TSNE)
Guidelines for Comprehensive Fiscal Sponsorship
These best practices have evolved over six years of meetings of the steering committee of the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors (NNFS) with extensive input from the field.
Guidelines for Pre-Approved Grant Relationship Fiscal Sponsorship
These best practices have evolved over six years of meetings of the steering committee of the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors (NNFS) with extensive input from the field.
Realize the Possibilities
An overview of fiscal sponsorship services provided by Tides, with client case studies.
More Than Money: Fiscal Sponsorship's Unrealized Potential
Conversations with foundation executives and philanthropic thought leaders informed this May 2007 brief that highlights misconceptions and potential uses of fiscal sponsorship.
Fiscal Sponsorship Field Scan: Understanding Current Needs and Practices
This whitepaper provides a summary of data gathered through a 2006 national survey of fiscal sponsors.
Strengthening Nonprofit Institutions in Mexico, Costa Rica and El Salvador
Published in February 2006, this paper analyzes the global applicability of fiscal sponsorship.
El Fortalecimiento de las Instituciones sin Fines de Lucro en Mexico, Costa Rica y El Salvador
Este papel analiza la aplicabilidad global de los servicios de Tides Center. Publicado en febrero de 2006.
How Fiscal Sponsorship Nurtures Nonprofits
By Third Sector New England Executive Director Jonathan Spack. Posted by permission.
Fiscal Sponsorship: The State of a Growing Service
Trust for Conservation Innovation commissioned a study of the state of fiscal sponsorship and project incubation practices. Posted here by permission, this paper summarizes the study's findings.

Shared Spaces & Services

NEW: Measuring Collaborations: The Benefits and Impacts of Nonprofit Centers (2011)
Download the executive summary for the first study to measure the economic, environmental, and...
Shared Services Benchmarking Study (2009)
Best Practices for Network Shared Service Models. This study looks into networked shared service models, that is, shared service models run by a business or organization to serve internal business units in order to run the whole organization more effectively. 
Planting a Seed: Foundations Build Communities with Shared Nonprofit Workspace
An inspirational and practical tool for foundations interested in using their own headquarters or investing in nonprofit building projects to promote healthy, vibrant communities. 
Planning construction for a green new or renovated building?
Download our LEEDS sheet to help guide your green building construction. 
Information Sheet: Why Create Multi-Tenant Nonprofit Centers
An overview on the demand for Multi-Tenant Nonprofit Center creation, including a look at ongoing challenges and emerging opportunities for nonprofit organizations. 
37 Easy Things You Can Do To Make Your Office Greener
Green Sheets from our program, The NonprofitCenters Network, give great tips on how to make your office greener. 
Checklist For Environmentally Responsible Design And Construction
Green Sheets from our program, The NonprofitCenters Network, give great tips on how to apply sustainable design to new and existing buildings. 

Related Publications

Annual Reports

  • Tides Foundation 2006
    30 years into the journey: 7 Strategic Principles for a truly progressive vision providing maximum benefit for the greatest number of constituents.
  • Tides Foundation 2004-2005
    Connecting the dots through cross-issue collaboration and grantmaking demands the best of our abilities as activists and as philanthropists.
  • Tides Foundation 2001-2002
    Grassroots globalists are gathering around principles of equity, peace, sustainability and the protection of human rights and dignity.
  • Tides Foundation 1976-2000
    25 Years of Bringing People Together for Positive Social Change: Tides is a collection of partnerships. Without donors or grantees, nothing happens.

Media Contacts

For all media inquiries and interview requests regarding Tides, please contact Kim Sarnecki by telephone: 415-561-6363.

For media requests related to one of Tides fiscally sponsored projects, please visit our Project Directory for specific contact information.