Annual Reports

2016 Annual Report

“Together” speaks to our work to cross boundaries and link sectors, communities, and cultures. We are seeing groups take steps forward to change the status quo, engage new partners, and welcome new people into the fights for shared prosperity and social justice.

2015 Annual Report

What a year of transformation for Tides and its partners. Explore our impact from California's criminal justice system to women in filmmaking.

2014 Annual Report

Our community’s success in 2014 shows what can be accomplished when we work together. In collaboration with partners like you, Tides made grants in more than 104 countries and in 49 US states. 

2008 Annual Report

A historic year of great achievements and great challenges. Learn about the impact we have had working in partnership with forward-thinking philanthropists, foundations, activists and organizations across the country and across the globe.

2000 Annual Report: 25 Years of Bringing People Together for Positive Social Change (1976-2000)

When stripped down to its essentials, Tides is a collection of partnerships with both our donors and our grantees. Without them, nothing happens. Together, important work is supported...

The Tides Family of Organizations: Celebrating 25 Years of Working Toward Positive Social Change

Tides grew out of a need to facilitate the giving of an anonymous couple who wanted to support grassroots community groups and environmental organizations. Creating Tides to channel their grants seemed expedient at the time...