Letter from the CEO

At Tides we are always asking what's possible. In this time of great challenge, we also see the potential for great change—and indeed 2008 was a year of historic success. Together we rose to meet the challenges of a world in flux. Together we made histo

Thanks to the hard work and contributions of countless individuals, organizations, and institutions, 2008 was a historic year of activity and impact for the Tides community. Together, Tides managed grantmaking and nonprofit project activities reaching approximately $200 million.

Not surprisingly, civic participation was a major focus of our grantmaking during 2008. We also worked to maintain our deep commitment to women’s rights and reproductive justice, health services and health reform, environmental issues, economic and racial justice, LGBT issues, and global work on HIV/AIDS.

Through our combined work with our 200 fiscally sponsored projects, the initial development of two new green nonprofit centers, and our highly regarded Momentum Conference, we continued to foster the spirit of—and provide the infrastructure for—collaboration and increased impact in the social change sector. Continuing a tradition of innovation to advance positive social change, we further integrated our core capacities in donor-advised philanthropy, philanthropic consulting, fiscal sponsorship, and nonprofit real estate services. Our integrated structure and networked operational model promotes synergies that enable us to be more efficient, provide better service, and have greater impact in the world.

In an environment with diminished resources, continuing to support the communities with which we work is essential. Tides will continue to be a strong partner and a home for  creative solutions for the social change sector.

Drummond Pike
Founder and CEO

Focus on the Catalyst Fund

In 2008, the Catalyst Fund at Tides moved more than $1.4 million to women of color-led organizations and projects in eight communities across the nation. Women of color in the United States face disproportionately high reproductive health challenges—yet organizations led by women of color are consistently underfunded, despite a track record of success. The Catalyst Fund was created in 2007 to increase resources to women of color-led reproductive justice efforts. Funds raised from national funding partners are awarded as dollar-for-dollar challenge grants to women’s funds and community foundations, effectively doubling the resources that ultimately reach women of color-led organizations and increasing contributions from new donors to the reproductive justice movement. Learn more about Catalyst Fund