Drummond Pike

Drummond Pike founded Tides Foundation in 1976; the Tides Center in 1996, the Advocacy Fund in 1994, Groundspring.org in 1999; Tides Inc. in 2003, Tides Shared Spaces in 2004; and the Tides Network in 2006. He served as Chief Executive of all until November 2010. Drummond continues to work with and advise a small number of principals on philanthropic and financial matters.

In the 1990's, Tides emerged as a key provider of infrastructure to the progressive community, supporting donors and grantmakers through a range of philanthropic services, working with newly forming organizations in what became the nation's largest sponsorship organization, developing low-cost online donation services (Groundspring merged with Network for Good in 2006), and developing multi-tenant nonprofit centers through Tides Shared Spaces. In 2008, The Advocacy Fund expanded significantly as a key sponsor of advocacy initiatives focused on immigration, climate change, and the eldercare work force. By 2010, Tides' aggregate cash flow regularly exceeded $200 million annually and was often ranked, when aggregated, among the top 100 charitable enterprises in the US.

Recently named a Principal with Equilibrium Capital, a private equity impact investing firm based in Portland, OR, Drummond is also volunteering time with Paladin Partners to support emerging progressive leaders and organizations.

Drummond currently serves on the Board of Directors of Working Assets, a telecommunications company dedicated to progressive philanthropy and political activism, and was among the founders of its predecessor company.  His service on non-profit Boards includes: Island Press, Environmental Working Group, Tides Canada Foundation, Democracy Alliance, JK Irwin Foundation, Livingre Foundation, and Enlyst Foundation. Drummond received a Masters of Political Science from the Eagleton Institute at Rutgers University after graduating with Honors from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 1970.

A fourth generation Californian, Drummond resides in Mill Valley, CA with his wife, Liza, founder of Resource Media.  He is also a licensed commercial river guide in the Grand Canyon with Arizona Raft Adventures.