On October 6, Tides partnered with Tara Health Foundation and hosted a convening to explore and discuss the findings from a report commissioned by the Reproductive Health Investor Alliance, a collaborative of reproductive health grantmakers and investors. The event at Tides Converge San Francisco drew over 70 attendees, many with decades of experience in reproductive health and impact investing.

We are happy to now announce the public release of the commissioned report. This report provides a landscape analysis and systems map of current reproductive health funding and outlines investment strategies across both philanthropic and investment portfolios in order to improve reproductive health services and contraceptive access.


Chart of reproductive health Investment opportunities

A preview of the report’s recommendations

Please visit the Tara Health Foundation website to download the report: US Reproductive Health Investment Case.

Tides is committed to accelerating the pace of social change through smart, strategic deployment of capital. We are continually striving to mobilize grants, investments, and advocacy resources to achieve our vision of a world of shared prosperity and social justice. This report is an excellent map of this approach, with various investment asset classes represented in concert with grants and political advocacy contributions.

With the release of this report, Tides is proud to accelerate the impact of an alliance committed to ensuring equal access to reproductive health services. We are also proud to highlight the bold steps of partners like Tara Health Foundation to lead with courage, conviction, and a sincere openness to collaboration.

We are happy to share this report with the larger Tides community and to celebrate bold collaboration and an initiative catalyzing resources for this important work.

Doug Seckinger is a Senior Strategic Advisor at Tides. To learn more about the convening and Reproductive Health Investors Alliance, please contact Doug directly at [email protected].