At the end of the day, social impact will not be successful if it’s a ‘nice to have. Put the full weight of the company behind your program, and you will be amazed by the impact it has on the strength of your business, your customer’s trust in you as a company, and your employee culture.

Erin Reilly, executive director of

In order to be successful, businesses increasingly need to focus on social impact as well as product and profit. “If leaders want to win the war for talent and customers, they must abandon the traditionally siloed approach to social impact and instead integrate social consciousness into every seam of their business, ” says Tides Board Director Jason Wingard in his recent article in Forbes.

Since it can be difficult for corporate leaders to know where to begin their efforts, Wingard highlights companies who have been successful in their corporate social impact efforts as an example: GooglePledge 1%, Kate Spade NY, and Twilio. “All of them have worked with Tides, and all of them are achieving their social responsibility objectives in the central impact areas of employees, supply chains, and customer,” says Wingard.

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