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Pizzigati Prize: Application & Timeline

Pizzigati Prize Eligibility

The prize welcomes applications from—and nominations of—single individuals.

Software development can often unfold as a collaborative process, and we value this collaborative spirit. Any piece of software that goes through an open source process will, of course, owe its success to multiple people.

Even so, every product will also have a core developer. This prize is designed to honor that core developer. Should the core developer be, in fact, a small team, we ask that one person serve as the team representative for the prize nomination process.

Individuals nominated for the prize should have developed a software product that is open source, as defined by the Open Source Initiative, and easily and widely available. This software must have already demonstrated its value to at least one nonprofit organization and also be a product that can be a value to multiple nonprofit organizations.

What Are We Looking For?

With each year prize, we hope to recognize an individual who has:

  • Developed an elegant software product that serves a critical need in the broader U.S.-based nonprofit community;
  • Evolved a plan to scale the product through wide distribution of the code;
  • Exemplified the values of public interest computing; and
  • Demonstrated vision and inspired innovation in the field of public interest computing.
  • Seeking a diverse pool of candidates. People of color, women, LGBTQ community members are encouraged to apply.

Application Overview

The 2020 cycle for the Pizzigati Prize is now open! Accepting submissions through January 24, 2019.

Nominations may be made by an individual for their own work, or by a peer or colleague an behalf of a nominee. Links to online forms are below. Please note the forms do not auto-save and should be completed in one session.

  • An application form completed by the candidate (self-nomination).
  • A nomination form completed by an individual who can speak to the personal qualities that contribute to that individual’s leadership, as well as to the product the nominee has developed. The nominator may be a peer within the public interest computing world or leader in the nonprofit community familiar with the candidate’s work.
  • A link to the relevant software, where this software is available for public and Advisory Panel review.

Apply for the Pizzigati Prize

Make a nomination for the Pizzigati Prize

Evaluation Criteria

The Advisory Panel will evaluate applicants on a range of criteria.

Individual: The panel will be looking for nominated individuals who have demonstrated remarkable leadership in the field, exemplified by:

  • Their technical expertise,
  • Their ability to inspire quality work from collaborators,
  • Their investment in the community where they work, and
  • Their efforts to promote and foster productive collaboration.

Product: The panel will be looking for software products of significant value to the nonprofit and advocacy world. The software should demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Usability: The product should be easy to use and help make existing software more useful.
  • Elegance of Design: The code should be clean, clear, and concise.
  • Relevance: The software should (a) have a far-reaching value and be able to serve multiple organizations, (b) meet a critical need within the nonprofit community, and (c) be appropriate to capacities and circumstances commonly found within the nonprofit community.
  • Sustainability: The product should have the potential to evolve and remain relevant and effective for years to come.

Learn more about past Pizzigati Prize winners here.