Piero Toffanin (2020)
Bob Russell (2019)
Andre Bianchi (2018)
Taylor Downs (2017)
Cristina Lopes (2016)
Vishwas Babu (2015)
Donald Lobo (2014)
Dr. Micah Altman (2013)
Nathan Freitas (2012)
Ken Banks (2011)
Yaw Anokwa (2010)
Darius Jazayeri (2009)
Barry Warsaw (2008)
George Hotelling (2006)

Since 2006, the Advisory Panel has awarded the Pizzigati Prize annually to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution in public interest software development. Each winner serves on the Advisory Panel for three years following their award.

For more information and to make nomination or apply, visit pizzigatiprize.org