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Tides Healthy Democracy Fund

Launched in fall 2019, Tides Healthy Democracy Fund (HDF) is a charitable fund that partners with social justice donor networks and movement leaders to foster a healthier, more inclusive, and more reflective democracy.

The primary purpose of the fund is two-fold: 1) Close the voter turnout gap, and 2) Defend the voting rights of communities of color, young voters, and the economically disadvantaged. 

Our grantmaking supports national movements and targeted local campaigns through more than 50 organizations that:

  • Build community power and local leadership
  • Drive voter turnout
  • Protect election integrity and help dismantle voter suppression
  • Create momentum for stronger pro-voter policies

As the current election cycle comes to an end, Tides is proud to announce that HDF achieved an impressive goal: Expand the electorate by supporting efforts that drove voter turnout of underrepresented communities—especially communities of color and young voters—with one of the highest turnout rates in American history.

However, this is not the end of our work but rather the beginning. Donate to the Healthy Democracy Fund to help create a democracy that is more reflective and representative of underrepresented groups—giving them greater voice and agency on the issues that affect their everyday lives.

Help defend voting rights

The Healthy Democracy Fund team at Tides has provided strategic advice and guidance on more than $40 million in civic engagement grants, which includes $4.5 million in HDF-directed grants to over 50 organizations.

Our Work Continues: Building More Community Power and Participation

Amidst a global pandemic, an economic crisis, racial justice uprisings, and climate chaos, Americans turned out in record numbers for the 2020 election. To build on this momentum, HDF will continue to partner with, and prioritize funding for, often-overlooked community groups—including those with strong women, youth, and BIPOC leadership. The goal is to continue to support their enormous impact in key strategic areas: voter turnout, voter registration, election integrity, and year-round organizing.

With the support of our partners, donors, and grantees, HDF has already made tremendous progress in the areas above, but there is so much more work to be done to create lasting, sustainable change. 


What’s next? The Healthy Democracy Fund is focused on: 

  • Engaging in state level redistricting fights with targeted funding
  • Researching the most effective counters to disinformation campaigns aimed at underrepresented populations
  • Investing in organizations in states that had temporary pandemic-related voting exceptions (e.g.,Vote by Mail) to make these exceptions permanent 
  • Providing flexible support for our community partners to hire and retain community organizers and trained staff
  • Continuing to raise funds for HDF and moving beyond the “boom-and-bust” funding cycle that so many civic engagement grantees face

Learn more about Healthy Democracy Fund accomplishments. See highlighted grants:

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→ HDF Donor 2020 Wrap-Up Report

With your support and the mobilization of community-based organizations, we’re creating a shift in government toward representation of the majority of Americans. Join our fight today to promote a healthy democracy and voter participation by supporting this fund.

Help defend voting rights


Tides looks forward to partnering with you in the months and years ahead. Email us at [email protected] to learn more.

Help defend voting rights & close the turnout gap

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To learn more about the Fund and the different ways you can support this work, please email us at [email protected]

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