Defend and protect the voting rights of communities of color, young voters, and the economically disadvantaged. Help close the voter turnout gap and create momentum for stronger pro-voter policies. Invest with us for the health of our democracy during this time when COVID-19 is deeply impacting the communities we serve. The pandemic has up-ended traditional canvassing and person-to-person outreach strategies. Our grantees are adjusting their tactics and our grantmaking needs to evolve with them to meet the moment.

In 2018, Tides and aligned funders ramped up year-round investment in organizations that are increasing civic engagement in underrepresented communities. This led to a nationwide uptick in voter turnout across demographics. In the 2018 November elections, 50% of eligible voters turned out to vote, marking the first time that number has been reached in a midterm election for over 100 years. If we keep this momentum going into 2020, we could witness a shift in government toward representation of the majority of Americans and communities with an underrepresented voice.

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