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National Network of Fiscal Sponsors (NNFS)

The National Network of Fiscal Sponsors improves the practice of fiscal sponsorship and promotes its value to society.

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Fiscal sponsors are nonprofits that enable the movement of money from funders to projects, ideas, organizations, and activities. While our models and missions differ, the members of the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors have common questions and aspirations to ensure responsible use of the tool of fiscal sponsorship. We are committed to raising the understanding of fiscal sponsorship among the public and funders, we share a desire to build best practices, and we enhance the sector by building capacity to advance public benefit.


In 2003 as a part of a strategic planning initiative, Tides conducted a benchmarking study that led to the first gathering of fiscal sponsors to discuss the issues and challenges of using fiscal sponsorship as a mechanism to support innovation in the nonprofit sector.  By early 2004, the leaders of these organizations decided to meet regularly to collaboratively define and build the relatively unknown, and greatly misunderstood, field of fiscal sponsorship within the nonprofit sector. This group—Community Partners, Colorado Nonprofit Development Center, Earth Island Institute, PHFE Management Solutions, Community Initiatives, Third Sector New England, and Tides —became the Steering Committee of the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors.






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