Partners were able to submit grant recommendations and have them expedited in only two days’ time.

In mid-March, facing the threat of the growing global pandemic, Tides saw a critical need to enable our philanthropic partners to quickly donate funds to support charitable organizations with urgent operational or programmatic needs due to COVID‑19. As was done by a number in the philanthropic community, we realized the immediate need to streamline processes for modifying existing grants to allow our grantees to respond more effectively to the sudden and substantial challenges of the crisis.

With the around-the-clock efforts of our staff, we launched our COVID-19 Rapid Response Grants Program to expedite grants—supported by our individual, corporate, and foundation partners—allowing us to meet urgent pandemic-related demands.

Partners were able to submit grant recommendations and have them expedited in as little as two days’ time. The recipients are incredible organizations in the U.S. and around the world that are working to reduce the spread and transmission of the virus or whose operations have been significantly challenged by COVID‑19. 


We’re proud to report Tides approved more than 200 grants, valued at over $38M, in only 6 weeks.

The COVID‑19 Rapid Response Grants Program quickly delivered funds globally to support organizations that serve hospitals, medical staff, and patients; remote learning for students; small businesses; and food banks, to name a few. 


While this initiative — created as part of Tides’ initial COVID‑19 response efforts — has now ended, we’re aware of the shifting nature of the pandemic and continue to prioritize COVID‑19-related grants to support vulnerable communities and the many entities that are helping to address the spread and consequences of this novel coronavirus.

→ If you’re a current Tides’ partner, please reach out to your Tides’ advisor to learn how you can recommend grants to the organizations doing the heavy lifting of relief work.

→ If you’re not a partner, Tides has become the top accelerator and philanthropic partner for COVID‑19 response, and we invite you to join us by contacting [email protected].