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COVID-19 and Tides

Tides' Philanthropic Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 presents one of the biggest challenges humanity has collectively faced. From upending entire communities and countries, completely altering our normal way of life, and directly impacting the lives of billions, the humbling power of this virus is a reminder that, more than ever, we need to be united — and prepared — when faced with global threats.

At Tides, we work with those whose lives are most affected, and we operate at scale, lifting up — and finding common ground — between different sectors, communities, and cultures. As COVID-19 continues to touch almost every corner of the globe, we are prepared to support those on the front lines doing the hard work, and we have already processed over $38 million in rapid response grants directly related to the pandemic.

Below are critical steps we are taking, and we invite you to join our efforts to respond to this crisis as together we are stronger and can accomplish so much more. We will continually monitor and update this list as our efforts and partnerships expand over the coming months.

Last Updated: 4.29.2020

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Contribute to Tides Stronger Together COVID-19 Response Fund

This health crisis affects low-income communities the most, deepening existing inequalities and further polarizing economies and labor markets. Tides has created the Stronger Together Fund, an emergency response fund to support the social ventures that call Tides home: an unparalleled network of 140+ fiscally-sponsored organizations that advance innovative solutions, improve lives, and drive lasting social change. These social ventures have increased demand to serve high-risk communities or those who have suffered unrecoverable losses due to COVID-19.

Because of Tides 40+ year history and our trusted reputation of being intimately connected with all of our partners, we assure that donated funds will be well-managed and distributed quickly and effectively. We are focusing on social ventures demonstrating needs that adversely impact their financial and/or operational viability, such as unrecoverable losses, staffing support, among others.

Our partners have the know-how and expertise to support vulnerable communities with health and economic resiliency challenges, and they need more resources during this crisis.

Join us in supporting grassroots organizations that serve vulnerable communities across the U.S. by donating to the Tides Stronger Together COVID-19 Response Fund. Tides has committed matching funds up to $500,000, and together we can provide $1,000,000 in flexible funding to these critical organizations.

Donor Rapid Response Grantmaking Program

Tides has launched a COVID-19 Rapid Response Giving Service. Tides’ philanthropic partners can use this service to quickly disburse funds to any organization in the U.S. or abroad who are either impacted by COVID-19 or are working to reduce the spread and transmission of the virus. Grants can be approved in as quickly as 1-2 business days and funding disbursed in as little as 2-3 business days. Now through at least the end of April, Tides will prioritize any grant recommendation in support of COVID-19 relief efforts. As of today, we have approved up to $18 million in funding and approved 61 grants. If you are a current donor partner at Tides, please reach out to your Tides advisor for more information about how you can get grants to organizations doing the heavy lifting of relief work as quickly as two days.

Stop the Spread Fund

#StopTheSpread is calling on the private sector to significantly commit financially to meet the threat of COVID-19, supporting our frontline healthcare workers and the development of the resources needed to stop the spread and treat those affected. To learn more, visit stopthespread.org

Support Additional Organizations that are Responding Directly to the Crisis

We have put together a list of recommended organizations to assist you in your own philanthropic response to direct COVID-19 relief, including organizations that are actively addressing this unfolding crisis directly in your local community, nationally, or globally. We are continually adding new resources, so please check back periodically and share with your networks.

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