Tuesday October 10, 2017 - Friday October 13, 2017

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Tides is proud to sponsor this year’s Social Capital Markets (SOCAP) conference!

SOCAP is the world’s leading conference on activating the power of capital markets to drive positive social and environmental impact – convening the marketplace at the intersection of money and meaning. The conference brings together impact investors, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, business leaders and other innovators from across the world in a unique cross-sector approach to catalyze collaboration for change.

Join us for a panel discussion: October 12th from 4-5pm.

Fiscal Sponsorship: a Social Impact Platform to Manage Change and Scale Impact

Fiscal sponsors can be a powerful partner for incubating new social ventures, scaling existing initiatives and managing the complexity of multi-stakeholder collaborations. In this session, leading fiscal sponsors and their social change partners discuss how the role of fiscal sponsors has evolved to meet the demands of today’s increasingly complex initiatives. Facilitation skills, networks, resources and expertise are needed to make collective action work and fiscal sponsors provide the tools necessary to drive lasting change.

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