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Funders working for positive social change in today's globalized world understand the importance of supporting not only effective groups in the U.S., but also organizations doing essential, strategic work abroad. But sometimes the obstacles and daunting regulatory landscape involved in funding non-U.S. organizations can seem insurmountable.

Tides offers a range of services that simplify and streamline international giving, and our turn-key solutions support foundations to both develop and manage their global grantmaking programs. As of 2010, Tides has facilitated and managed more than $120 million in international grants to over 150 countries, all with an impeccable record of compliance. In recent years, 20 percent of our grants have been international.

We are proud to be one of few providers of donor advised funds in the U.S. committed to carrying out the additional due diligence and expenditure responsibility necessary to facilitate international grants. Our grants management team takes cares of the details while working to ensure that funding reaches its target as quickly as possible, managing the complex process with minimal burden for both grantees and funders.

International grantmaking services include:

  • Navigation of the complex U.S. regulatory landscape for international giving.
  • Streamlined process for expenditure responsibility grants, expediting the time it takes for grantees to receive funds.
  • Consolidated pre-grant inquiry process, minimizing both grantee burden and the time it takes for Tides to approve the grant.
  • Three year validation period for grantee information, greatly diminishing paperwork for the international organizations we support over the long term. 
  • Multi-lingual capability to ease communication with grantees. Our staff is proficient in multiple languages and our materials are translated into French and Spanish to facilitate our extensive work in Latin America and Francophone West Africa. We also hire outside translation services when necessary. 
  • Opportunities for both individual and collaborative global giving, such as our HIV Collaborative Fund.

Tides provides several vehicles for international grantmaking.

International Grants though Donor Advised Funds
You can establish a donor advised fund at Tides and recommend grants directly to an international organization. International grants with a donor advised fund do require the additional due diligence of the expenditure responsibility process and Tides takes care of all the details.

Power in Numbers
Your international grant can have more impact when combined with grants from like-minded funders. Tides works with groups of funders to develop and administer international grantmaking collaboratives focused on a particular issue or geographic area. With a collective action fund, funders also have the benefit of no expenditure responsibility requirements.

Global Development Fund
The Tides Global Development Fund can be used to make a one-time or occasional grants to non-U.S. based charities. Using the fund is a great way to make international grants without having to manage the complex international grantmaking regulations.

Global Support Funds
Global Support Funds allow non-U.S. charitable organizations to receive charitable donations in the U.S.

Non-U.S. charities that meet Tides’ due diligence requirements and fit within Tides' mission may apply to establish a Global Support Fund. At this time, Tides is only reviewing applications for Global Support Funds that have confirmed funding of $50,000 or more. Tides does not provide fundraising assistance for Global Support Funds.

Tides approaches all grantmaking with rigorous attention to guidelines and regulations.

Granting in other countries is often challenging. It takes time and resources to conduct due diligence on grantees to determine if the appropriate infrastructure is in place to ensure that funds are used for charitable purposes and that all government compliance requirements are fulfilled. Tides provides experienced professionals to take care of all the details of your grant.

International grantmaking has always had unique compliance and legal requirements. After the tragedy of September 11, 2001, however, the U.S. government established new regulations with respect to global philanthropy.

  • Executive Order 13224 (2001) prohibits transactions with individuals and/or organizations identified as terrorists or associated with terrorism. It freezes all property of such persons and those who assist them.
  • U.S. PATRIOT Act (2001) expands criminal sanctions for those who provide material or financial support to terrorists and foreign terrorist organizations. It also permits civil action to be brought against those who violate the provisions.
  • Treasury Department Anti-Terrorist Financing Guidelines: Voluntary Best Practices for U.S.-Based Charities (2002) provides guidance to legitimate institutions on how to avoid legal penalties.

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