Simplify the Work

Focus on your mission while Tides takes care of the details

Tides provides an array of services to help manage the administrative, financial and logistical details of philanthropic programs. You can set the funding guidelines, and Tides can manage the application process. You can identify your grantees, and Tides can take care of the grants administration. If you have operating programs or consultant expenses, Tides has vehicles and structures to shift that burden for you. And, for small private foundations, we provide comprehensive back-office management including financial administration, grants management, and recordkeeping.

Application Processes for Grantees

Once you develop your funding guidelines Tides can manage the grantee application process on your behalf including drafting application materials, managing applicant inquiries, and compiling proposals and related data. Of course, Tides can also help you define your strategy.

Enhanced Grant Reporting and Tracking

Tides can work with you to design and manage customized reporting programs to collect the information you need to evaluate the impact of your giving.

Comprehensive Program Consulting

On your behalf, Tides will coordinate site visits, facilitate activity or expert advisory panels, conduct in-depth grantee evaluations, and more.

Awards & Scholarships

Through a scholarship fund, Tides can partner with you to develop and implement an award or scholarship.

Financial Management

If the program does not require the comprehensive nature of fiscal sponsorship, our foundation contract management services offer funders an efficient way to manage operational expenditures. Through a single grant to Tides, funders can transfer the burden and responsibility of administering contracts and expenses related to operating programs or expenses related to their grantmaking programs.

Weighed Down by Operating Programs? Creating a Tides Project Can Help

While the core work of foundations is making grants, funding institutions also create operating programs to increase their impact. The management of these programs can sometimes drain resources. Rather than evolving the program as an independent nonprofit, creating a fiscally sponsored project at Tides can provide an effective solution to this challenge. Tides can handle the administrative overhead, while you as a funder can maintain objective distance and focus on your mission.

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