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Increase the Impact of My Corporate Giving

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Corporations often grapple with figuring out the best way to manage their corporate giving program. As corporate giving evolves from what might be an infrequent marketing or public relations expense to a more formal and deliberate program, the structures and expertise that Tides provides can help. By working with Tides to manage your corporate giving program, you join a wide and diverse community of donors, activists, and philanthropic innovators. Corporations like Patagonia, Working Assets/Credo Mobile, and Nike as well as emerging entrepreneurs working in adventure travel, financial services, and technology have all worked with Tides. Our dedicated staff provides a combination of innovation and expertise along with the infrastructure to develop programs that address the emerging needs of what is increasingly known as the “fourth sector”— where market-based activity and philanthropy converge.

Tides provides a straightforward, easy to manage alternative to a stand-alone corporate foundation. Our expertise in navigating the regulatory complexities of global giving, enables your giving program to have global reach, with minimal administrative hassle. In addition to these administrative services and giving vehicles, Tides consulting services assist you in developing a giving strategy, managing grant application processes, structuring charitable investments in innovative social ventures, or creating or managing a customer-focused donation-linked giving program.

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