Build Innovative Partnerships

Build Innovative Partnerships

Tides provides corporations with structures, vehicles, and strategic insights to build innovative partnerships that bridge the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, connect your customers to your philanthropic mission, or engage your employees more deeply in your corporate social responsibility goals. 

Bridge Sectors
The structural barriers between the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, do not adequately serve the growing number of enterprises that combine social purpose with business objectives. Tides applies innovative structures with creative acumen to address this emerging need. For example, we were instrumental in the creation of the first nonprofit owned brokerage firm and provided critical investment to a real estate development firm focused on the creation of green nonprofit centers.

Connect with Your Customers
A fund to collect contributions generated by a painless “round up” of customers’ long distance phone bills. A vehicle to enable cell phone text to donate contributions to be granted to organizations outside the United States. A management solution for a hotel chain offering its customers a way to give back to local causes by adding $5.00 to their daily bill. These are just a few of  the innovative ways that Tides has provided strategic and structural assistance to companies that are directly engaging their customers in supporting positive social change.

Activate Your Employees
Tides offers a number of charitable structures to assist corporations in tapping into the philanthropic energy of their employees, including rapid response grantmaking funds for disaster relief or tax deductible vehicles to facilitate cross-border workplace giving.

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