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Capital for Social Change

A mission related investment in an eco-friendly fair trade coffee company.  A donor advised fund with assets allocated to a community investment program that supports affordable housing.  Grants to support microlending in West Africa.  A structure to create the first nonprofit-owned brokerage firm.  These are just a few of the ways that, Tides has partnered with donors, social investors, funding institutions and corporations in the emerging “fourth sector” where market-based activity and philanthropy converge.   

Tides is the largest provider of donor advised funds to have a socially screened investment portfolio.  In partnership with our investment manager, Walden Asset Management, Tides actively engages in shareholder activism on a issues like executive pay, LGBT equality, and environmental policy.

In addition to socially screened investments, Tides donor advised funds can make mission related investments (MRIs), like the private foundation vehicle of a Program Related Investment (PRI). Our current portfolio of MRIs includes support for film and media projects, private equity in green businesses, loans to nonprofits, land set aside for preservation, and investments in nonprofit office space. 

In addition to innovative, values-driven investments, Tides grantmaking also supports social enterprise through grants to both domestic and global micro-lending programs and grants to social enterprises that employ at-risk youth or provide cooking facilities for Latina women starting their own businesses.

Navigating the regulatory boundaries between the nonprofit and for-profit sector can be challenging. Tides rises to these challenges with a creative solutions that adhere to legal restrictions on charitable activity and realize the entrepreneurial vision of our partners.

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