Make an MRI or PRI

Merging Values and Vision

At Tides, our savvy clients are increasingly merging their investment portfolios with their philanthropic goals to support positive social change beyond just grantmaking. Through an invested donor advised fund, Tides can help you make Mission Related Investments (MRIs) similar to the private foundation vehicle of a Program Related Investment (PRI). In addition to generating potential financial return, MRI's and PRI's support your philanthropic goals and vision for positive social change.

Program areas addressed through Tides MRI’s include economic development, environmental quality, sustainability, microfinance, affordable housing, civil rights, social action and advocacy, education and community improvement, capacity building, and land conversation and protection.

See What's Possible With Tides

Currently, the Tides portfolio contains more than 30 MRI’s totaling $9 million in the form of direct equity investments, convertible debt, and loans. 

  • Equity investments in innovative green businesses, fair trade and sustainable business ventures; film and video projects; and non-profit real estate/green shared spaces developments. These investments have been made primarily in the United States.
  • Direct loans for support of community investing, micro lending in the form of investment notes and unsecured loans. Borrowers are primarily in the United States, although micro-financing programs may be located in developing countries worldwide.
  • Direct land purchases to protect land or to provide nonprofit retreat facilities.