Open an Invested Donor Advised Fund

Make the most of your money, your ideals, and your ideas.

If you have charitable assets that you want to distribute over a long time horizon, Tides offers the option of invested donor advised funds where you can choose between several socially responsible investment vehicles, including a socially screened fund and a small cap fund that proactively invests in innovative, socially responsible companies.

Through an invested donor advised fund, we can also help you create mission-related investments (MRIs) in the form of low- or no-interest loans or private equity investments in emerging and mission-related business ventures that have a clear social return. 

Your invested donor advised fund enjoys the benefits and absorbs the risk of investment.  Tides invested funds are managed by Walden Asset Management, a socially responsible investment group based in Boston. In fact, Tides is the largest provider of donor advised funds to have socially screened investment portfolio. 

Investment options available to you:

The assets of invested grantmaking funds are held in a variety of investment vehicles according to an allocation recommended by you. Tides also periodically offers direct community investment opportunities in support of nonprofit and social enterprises, as well the option for other mission related investments initiated by you. 

  • Tides Balanced Fund: This fund balances the objectives of long-term growth of capital and maintaining sufficient liquid funds by maintaining a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds and money market instruments.
  • Tides Innovations Fund: This fund offers donors an opportunity to invest in small capitalization companies that have a significant social benefit, with an emphasis on innovative products and corporate cultures.
  • Community Investment Note Program: Investments in this program support affordable housing, small businesses and community facilities throughout the U.S. and  microcredit loans and fair trade cooperatives in more than 100 countries around the world.

Management Fees

Fees for an invested donor advised fund are assessed annually, based on the fund asset balances at year-end. Tides charges 1% on a fund’s first $500,000, .75% on the next $500,000, 0.5% of the next $4 million, and 0.25% of any amount over $5 million. The minimum amount to establish and maintain this type of fund at Tides is $100,000. This covers the basic administration of your fund including the processing of contributions, grants administration, quarterly reports and access to   Additionally, your fund must cover a small external investment fee charged by the investment managers, usually 35-40 basis points (or .35% - .4%) of the total of your fund, depending on the nature of the fund’s investment activity.

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