Share Nonprofit Services


Nonprofit organizations face volatile financial markets, limited funding opportunities, and increased demand for services. For many nonprofits, the solution comes in the form of collaboration and consolidating their “back office” operations to streamline their efforts. Sharing services is a key strategy for supporting nonprofit effectiveness. Sharing overhead costs and eliminating redundancies across organizations helps the nonprofit sector be more efficient and use limited funding dollars wisely.

Joint efforts allow nonprofits to share space, technology, and financial and human resources operations. Shared services increase purchasing power and reduce costs, increase operating efficiency and reduce risk, improve access to high-quality services and foster the collaborations that lead to program innovation.

Tides is a leader is shared nonprofit services. At Tides we provide shared infrastructure services to our 230 nonprofit projects and we have practiced sharing services across the Tides enterprise for years. We use this practical experience to lead the sector in providing research and consulting services on proven, viable collaborative solutions that help nonprofit organizations create efficient operations and maximize their impact

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