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Simplify & Amplify My Personal Philanthropy

Since 1976, we've been working with people like you to make the world a better place.

The full range of philanthropic services at Tides can help amplify and simplify your giving, letting you concentrate on the issues and values that are important. Whether you are looking for a straightforward grantmaking vehicle like a donor advised fund, or are interested in launching a new nonprofit project, Tides can help transform your vision and ideas into positive social change.

Tides take the “heavy lifting” out of grantmaking by offering expert advice and professional services. We manage over $280 million in assets, and have granted more than $1.3 billion since 1976. Tides has the track record, the capacity, and most importantly, the shared values to be the right home for you and your philanthropy.

Join the Tides Community

Over 450 donors partner with Tides to achieve their philanthropic vision and be part of the Tides community. Our donors are committed to positive social change and want their philanthropy to reflect their progressive values. Tides' donors bring their own passions and priorities to their giving. They are committed to justice, sustainability and peace. They understand the impact of partnership and collaboration towards a shared purpose. And, they want to see real systemic change.

By recommending grants through Tides, our donor community has helped develop and sustain long-term strategies for social change, as well as build the infrastructure for a strong progressive movement across the country and across the world.