Collaborate with Donors


Changing living wage and minimum wage policies at the state and municipal levels. Increasing civic participation among low-income communities, people of color, youth, and immigrants. Expanding HIV treatment services in China.

These issues are daunting for any single donor to tackle effectively. Such challenges are strengthened by the coordinated human and financial resources of multiple donors. Through a Tides-managed funding collaborative or collective action fund, donors leverage the resources, knowledge and expertise of others, and ultimately amplify their impact. Collaborative funds at Tides bring like-minded donors together and can amplify your efforts into a movement. Collaborative funds support critical and cutting-edge issues and are comprehensive campaigns in support of progressive social change.

Tides supports funding collaboratives with:

  • A neutral platform to accept grants  
  • Basic grants administrative services for domestic and global grants
  • Programmatic consulting on funding guidelines, RFP development, and grantee selection
  • Facilitation and support for governance and decision making
  • Structures to support staffing or other programmatic operations

Impact Story

Tides Voter Action Fund

Tides Voter Action Fund is a donor collaborative that has supported grassroots organizations working to build an informed, engaged, and diverse electorate as well as policy and advocacy groups working to address the legal, procedural, and technological barriers to electoral participation. The fund has made grants totaling more than $8 million including partner or donor-designated grants to over 100 organizations working to strengthen and increase donor participation across the U.S.

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Impact Story