Open a Fund

Tides takes the “heavy lifting” out of philanthropy.

By opening a fund at Tides Foundation, you have established an efficient and effective way to make positive change in the world, and joined a wide and diverse community of donors, activists and philanthropic innovators. A donor advised fund is a fund held by a public charity, such as Tides Foundation, from which you as the donor may recommend charitable distributions.

Establishing a donor advised fund gives you several advantages:

  • Tides is a public charity, so contributions – including gifts of appreciated stock, real estate property and other assets – are immediately tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
  • Tides protects our donors’ privacy and ensures anonymity, if desired.
  • Tides handles all administrative details of the fund, allowing you to focus on your values and vision.
  • In addition to grantmaking, your fund can pay charitable expenses related to the grantmaking activity of your fund.
  • gives you online access to make grant recommendations, check your fund balance, and research nonprofit groups.

Tides offers two kinds of donor advised funds:

  • Standard donor advised funds are held as cash, so monies are always available for grantmaking or for related expenses. Standard donor advised funds do not generate any interest income.
  • Invested donor advised funds are the best option if you are interested in having your fund enjoy the benefits and absorb the risk of investment. Invested donor advised funds at Tides are managed by Walden Asset Management, a socially responsible investment group based in Boston. Tides is the largest provider of donor advised funds to have a socially screened investment portfolio. Invested donor advised funds are also able to make mission-related investments in nonprofit organizations or private equity ventures that have a clear social return. If your fund has more than $5 million in assets, your fund’s assets can be managed by a financial advisor of your choosing, providing that its investments are consistent with our investment policies.