Start a Foundation

Tides is a partner to dozens of small foundations.

The decision to manage your philanthropy through a private foundation vs. a donor advised fund can be daunting. How do the tax advantages vary? What are the comparative restrictions? How does each impact your ability to give anonymously or receive public credit for my giving? Tides can help you navigate this decision making process, and provide you with services and structures to assist you regardless of which option you choose.

  • If you choose a donor advised fund you can still hire staff or have programmatic operations attached to your grantmaking by starting a Tides fiscally sponsored project. Your project can pay expenses related to employees, office space, and other overhead, all in coordination with the grants administered by your donor advised fund.
  • If you choose to start a private foundation, Tides provides comprehensive back-office management including financial administration, grants management, recordkeeping, and board and governance support.
  • In some instances, Tides can develop a supporting organization relationship with your grantmaking program, which allows certain advantages of a public charity.  
  • Whatever structure you choose, Tides can support you with a full array of administrative and consultative services including managing tax filings, designing funding strategies, implementing awards programs, and more.
  • If you currently have a family foundation, Tides can work with you to handle all administrative details of your foundation, leaving you free to focus on your values and vision. Our experience and resources provide an innovative and cost-effective framework in which family foundations develop and realize their philanthropic goals.