What does it cost?

A well-run nonprofit can expect to spend between 20-30% of annual revenue on administrative and overhead expenses.  Tides Center fees are in line with other fiscal sponsors practicing similar models of fiscal sponsorship.

For the comprehensive suite of back-office services, legal framework, and capacity-building support that Tides Center provides, projects pay only nine percent (9%) of their annual revenue.

All projects will be charged 9% for their first year. After the first year of activity, projects that exceed $1 million in operational activity can qualify for a six percent (6%) fee for revenue that exceeds $1 million.

The fee for all funding from government sources is fifteen percent (15%). The fee is higher for this type of funding because government grants entail significantly more auditing and reporting services.

Finally, Projects need to be involved in the Tides Risk and Insurance program and reserve a minimum of two thousand dollars ($2,000) of gross annual revenue per year for operating liability.  Projects are evaluated annually for increased exposure and fees may be adjusted.