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This page provides links to other organizations that offer fiscal sponsorship. If you are a fiscal sponsor and would like to be included in this list, please email

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Dance Films Association

48 West 21st Street, #907; New York, NY 10010
tel: (212) 727-0764
email: info(at)

Dance Films Association was started in 1956 with a mission to foster dance on camera films.  As an international known membership organization, DFA connects artists and organizations, fosters new works for new audiences, and shares essential resources.  DFA seeks to be a catalyst for innovation in and preservation of dance on camera. DFA offers fiscal sponsorship to filmmakers, choreographers, dancers, musicians, and other artists who are creating dance on camera, which covers a wide range of film experiences from experimental to documentary.

Earth Island Institute

2150 Allston Way; Ste. 450, Berkeley, CA 94704
tel: (510) 859-9100

Earth Island Institute develops and supports projects that counteract threats to the biological and cultural diversity that sustain the environment. As an alternative to dozens of separate nonprofits, each duplicating basic administrative functions, EII is a consortium of more than thirty grassroots campaigns, each functioning independently while sharing resources and benefiting from the synergistic exchange of experience, ideas, and energy.

Earth Island Institute provides non-profit sponsorship and administrative services for new and existing Projects. In addition, we provide our Projects with assistance in strategic planning, public outreach, fundraising, and other resources and services that maximize the effectiveness and quality of their collective efforts.

Fractured Atlas

248 West 35th St. #1202, New York, NY, 10001
tel: (212) 624-5851

Fractured Atlas is a national nonprofit arts service organization. Our fiscal sponsorship program is open to independent artists and emerging arts organizations nationally working in any artistic discipline. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and approved monthly. Projects manage a sponsored fund through our unique online tool kit on our website and you must have regular access to the internet to participate.

New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA)

20 Jay Street, Ste 740, New York, NY 11201
tel: (212) 366-6900
fax: (212) 366-1778
email: sponsor(at)

NYFA's mission is to empower artists at critical stages in their creative lives. NYFA is the largest provider of grants, services, and information to artists working in all disciplines in the United States.


Public Health Foundation Enterprises (PHFE)

12801 Crossroads Parkway South, Suite 200, City of Industry, CA 91746
tel: (562) 699-7320

PHFE provides a wide array of infrastructure management and support services including direct consulting services to public health departments, nonprofits and foundations throughout the country.


Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE)

22231 Mulholland Hwy, Ste 209, Calabasas, CA 91302
tel: (818) 225-9150
fax: (818) 225-9151
email: seefinance(at)

Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE) is an organization of member groups whose purpose is to encourage and facilitate activism from both local and global perspectives. It is a 501(c)(3) public charity providing nonprofit status, start-up guidance, and other services to member groups. SEE accepts individual activities and large organizations, start-up initiatives and established groups. SEE projects are active on every continent. We welcome all committed, passionate citizens from all corners of the globe to join the Social & Environmental Entrepreneurs.



United Charitable Programs

6201 Leesburg Pike, Suite 405
Falls Church, VA 22044
tel: (703) 536-8708

United Charitable Programs (UCP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We create symbiotic relationships with social entrepreneurs and donor advisors in order to facilitate charitable projects that individually and collectively make a better life for people in our community at a local, national, or even international level.

By fiscally sponsoring and supporting these individual projects in different charitable areas in a transparent and cost-effective manner, UCP is able to affect constructive social change at a grassroots level. Through a fiscal sponsor relationship with these charitable projects, UCP provides nonprofit benefits without the burdens.

Visions Made Viable

17595 Harvard Avenue; Suite C235, Irvine, CA 92614
email: info(at)

Visions Made Viable fosters new and innovative approaches to social change. We help you make your vision a reality. Whether you want to start a nonprofit, develop a new project, become eligible to receive grant monies and tax deductible contributions, or simply get administrative help, we're here to serve you. We support projects and non profits in the U.S. and around the world.

San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California


Arts Council Silicon Valley

4 N Second Street, Suite 500, San Jose, CA 95113
tel: (408) 998-2787

Arts Council Silicon Valley is a private, nonprofit arts organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for Santa Clara County residents by supporting arts and culture throughout the county.  For 25 years, we have provided funding, advocacy, marketing and fundraising services to the region's arts organizations and artists.  We also provide fiscal sponsorship to small art organizations or projects.


Community Initiatives

354 Pine Street, Suite 700, San Francisco, CA 94104
tel: (415) 230-7700

Community Initiatives provides all models of fiscal sponsorship in all fields. For example, we incubate start-up organizations, provide a platform for foundation collaborations and public/private partnerships with city governments, as well as sponsor projects of limited duration.



Independent Arts and Media

110 Gough Street, Suite 201-A, San Francisco, CA 94102
tel: (415) 861-5302

Independent Arts & Media provides fiscal sponsorship to projects that expand civic discourse by increasing access to independent voices.

Intersection for the Arts

446 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
tel: (415) 626-2787 x 102

The Intersection Incubator provides its members with assistance in funding, developing, and promoting their artistic work.  A full program of services and partnerships is available, including continuing educations, networking opportunities, access to consultants and resources for fundraising.  Through fiscal sponsorship in particular, the program encourages funding agencies and contributors to take risks in funding new projects and emerging artists, ensuring that funds are well-managed and spent according to the funder's guidelines.

Public Health Institute

555 – 12th Street, 10th Floor, Oakland, CA 94607
tel: (510) 285-5500

The Public Health Institute (PHI) is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting health, well-being and quality of life for people throughout California, across the nation and around the world. As one of the largest and most comprehensive public health organizations in the nation, the Public Health Institute focuses its efforts in two distinct, but complementary ways. PHI promotes and sustains independent, innovative research, training and demonstration programs—many in collaboration with the private health care system and community-based organizations. PHI also serves as a partner with government to support its role in assessment, policy development and assurance.The Institute also acts as a fiscal sponsor for independent or soon-to-be independent organizations. Administrative and technical assistance support services include accounting and financial management; development support; contract and grant administration; corporate legal counsel; human resource functions including recruitment, benefits, and payroll; and public relations and communications.

The Rose Foundation

6008 College Ave., Suite 10; Oakland, CA 94618
tel: (510) 658-0702

The Rose Foundation is a grant-making public charity that supports grassroots community activism for environmental protection, public health, consumer protection and sustainability. Through both grant making and in-house programs, the foundation's work emphasizes building community power, and encouraging corporate and government accountability.

San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music (SFFCM) Affiliate Program

3701 Sacramento Street, PMB 357, San Francisco, CA, 94118-1705
tel: (415) 710-0551 fax: (415) 820-1530
email: pelletey(at) 

The SFFCM Affiliate Program encourages and assists emerging and existing chamber ensembles and others who share our commitment to chamber music. Through fiscal sponsorship, career guidance, and a wide range of workshops, services and resources, the Program supports chamber music related projects created by affiliates that promote artistic excellence, education, commissioning of new works, and the awareness of chamber music as an art form. Please visit our website to review eligibility and application requirements.

SFFCM was founded in 1998 to support chamber music - its performers, composers, presenters, listeners - in the San Francisco Bay Area. One of the cornerstones of our organization and the first service to be developed by the founders is the Affiliate Program. Through its fiscal sponsorship service and career guidance resources, the Affiliate Program has assisted the development of chamber music groups and related chamber music individuals or organizations who have now attained incorporation and their own non profit status.

San Francisco School Alliance

114 Sansome Street, Suite 800, San Francisco, CA  94104
tel: (415) 955-5790

The San Francisco School Alliance is an independent, non-profit organization that develops strategic partnerships, raises money, and advocates for policies to ensure that each student in our city’s public schools has access to world-class learning opportunities – and that each young person is successfully prepared for higher education, employment, and citizenship in the 21st century.



San Francisco Study Center

1095 Market Street, Suite 602, San Francisco, CA 94103
tel: (415) 626-1650

The San Francisco Study Center focuses its work in three areas: graphic design and editorial services; publishing and distribution of books, curriculum materials, audio tapes, and videos; and fiscal sponsorship of programs in health, mental health, children, youth and family services, education, and the arts. The Study Center acts as a fiscal sponsor and provides accounting and administrative supervision to a number of projects, primarily in human services and the arts.


The Foundation for California Community Colleges 

1102 Q Street, Sacramento, CA 95811
tel: (916) 325-4300

 The Foundation for California Community Colleges is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit which provides fiscal sponsorship services for Community College districts and government, as well as independent education programs. Educational programs have the advantage of the Foundation’s close relationship with the Community College system, while state agencies have the convenience of entering easily into contracts with the Foundation because of its unique status as the official foundation for the California Community College Chancellor's Office. Currently, the Foundation manages more than $2.9 million in pledged funds, and considers new projects that are in alignment with its mission.



Trees Foundation

PO Box 2202, Redway, CA 95542
tel: (707) 923-4377

Trees Foundation works for the conservation and restoration of the ecological integrity of forest ecosystems by assisting, supporting and promoting Affiliate groups in North Coastal California. Through Trees foundation fiscal sponsorships, organizations can seek and receive tax-deductible donations and grants without having their own nonprofit status. Projects range in size from an individual with a single donation to coalitions raising hundreds of thousands of dollars. Trees Foundation provides full support for all sponsored projects, including administrative oversight, bookkeeping, and reporting.


Trust for Conservation Innovation

423 Washington Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94111
tel: (415) 421-3774

The Trust for Conservation Innovation develops and supports initiatives that conserve and protect a sustainable environment. By providing a superior and efficient administrative platform we enable environmental leaders to effectively launch their innovative ideas.  Smaller nonprofit enterprises have traditionally had difficulty in attracting, affording and managing the administrative services necessary to run an efficient operation.  Our fiscal sponsorship services enable environmental visionaries to focus on their programmatic activities.


Southern California

Community Partners

1000 North Alameda Street, Suite 240, Los Angeles, CA 90012
tel: (213) 346-3200
Community Partners provides a range of services to assist individuals, organizations and institutions in effectively addressing the complex social, economic and policy issues facing the California region.  In addition to their nonprofit incubator, they manage a number of strategic initiatives and assist in building civic capacity.   
Community Partners operates an incubator that supports capable leaders in translating their ideas for community change into action to advance the public good. They enable project partners to initiate their good works and to develop the skills and habits that strengthen their chances of being effective and achieving strategic impact.


Education Consortium of Central L.A.

2801 S. Hoover Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007
tel: (213) 743-4516

The Education Consortium of Central Los Angeles (ECCLA) connects kindergarten through 12th grade educators with museum, college and community resources.  ECCLA serves approximately 120 LAUSD, public charter and parochial schools located in the area bounded by Olympic, Slauson, Crenshaw and Alameda Blvds. 

ECCLA brings together local resources to address the challenges faced by local teachers and administrators seeking to provide quality education to their students, often under demanding circumstances.  ECCLA works by convening key actors and educators to solve problems; by celebrating excellence in education; and by acting as a clearinghouse for information relevant to educators in central L.A.

Among other activities ECCLA awards scholarships and essay prizes to students whose teachers participate in our programs, and ECCLA honors teachers who go above and beyond the call of duty in an annual award reception in May.  A significant recent partnership between ECCLA and the MIND Research Institute brought over $1.5 million in math grants to central L.A. schools.  Over the years, ECCLA has designed, facilitated, and implemented programs and research projects that have had a significant and positive impact on the formal and informal learning environment of the underserved student population of Central Los Angeles.


Global Peace Commerce Solutions (GPCS)

Fiscal Sponsorship Department; P.O. Box 35455; Los Angeles, CA 90035
tel: (888) 577-2572 
fax: (323) 424-3293
email: Info(at)


We at GPCS are working diligently to bring about world peace. Along with our partners and members we are developing new technologies, and connections for organizations to work with foundations, and governments to bring about change. We have developed many products such as a e-commerce solution software that assists with facilitating such events.  GPCS works to bring about peace. We would be deeply please if you applied to become a partner or if you are not an organization, become a member of GPCS and help us bring about new agreements on this earth. Help us bring about peace.


Other West and Midwest


Colorado Nonprofit Development Center

4130 Tejon Street Suite A, Denver, CO  80211
tel: (720) 855-0501

The Colorado Nonprofit Development Center supports capable leaders in transforming their ideas for community service into operating projects without all the red tape that comes with starting a freestanding nonprofit organization. As an incubator without walls (projects are responsible for obtaining their own office space), The Center provides fiscal sponsorship, administrative services and coaching to its projects until they are ready to spin-off and become a separate section 501(c)(3) organization.



5049 W. Harrison, Chicago, IL 60644
tel: (312) 322-3000
fax: (773) 378-8928

Goodcity provides a broad spectrum of developmental and capacity building services including fiscal agency, one-on-one consulting and workshops designed to empower the next generation of nonprofit leaders who have a vision, but lack the capacity to realize their dream. Goodcity has been in existence for 21 years, and has been a fully accredited member of the Leadership Foundations of America (LFA) since 1986. It supports emerging neighborhood and faith-based programs that promote self-sufficiency, hope and a sense of purpose in the lives of individuals in under resourced communities.


New Mexico Community Foundation (NMCF)

343 East Alameda, Santa Fe, NM 87501
tel: (505) 820-6860
email: nmcf(at)

New Mexico Community Foundation was founded in 1983. It is one of over 600 such community foundations that are tax-exempt public charities serving thousands of people who share a common concern – improving the quality of life in their area, especially for the most vulnerable. Individuals, families, businesses, and organizations create charitable funds that address community needs locally and globally. The community foundation invests and administers these funds, and works with the fund’s creators to make grants. Many choose the community foundation as an easy and effective alternative to creating a private foundation.  All community foundations are overseen by a volunteer board of leading residents and run by professionals with expertise in knowing their community’s needs.



3518 Fremont Ave N #118, Seattle, WA 98103
tel: (206) 905-1026
email: programs(at)

Shunpike helps small and mid-sized arts groups better manage the business aspects of art through fiscal sponsorship options and back office services. We work to set up effective practices and lasting organizational systems - without reinventing the wheel. In addition to fiscal sponsorship and back office administrative services, Shunpike offers consultations and training, public workshops and events, and leadership development for arts administrators.




Citizen Action Program

The Open Space Institute, Inc., 1350 Broadway, Suite 201, New York, NY 10018
tel: (212) 290-8200

The Open Space Institute’s Citizen Action Program provides fiscal sponsorship for start-up and volunteer organizations working on environmental issues.  Through the Citizen Action Program, OSI functions as a “back office” by providing projects with the necessary support to navigate the legal and financial aspects of their organization, attract more donors, and make their work more effective.  These accounting and financial management services allow activists to focus on issues rather than administrative concerns.  Currently, OSI sponsors over thirty groups united by missions focused on protecting natural habitats, making cities and communities more livable, and connecting people with the land. 


Fund for the City of New York

tel: (212) 925-6675

The Fund for the City of New York introduces and helps to implement innovations in policy, programs, practice and technology in order to advance the functioning of government and nonprofit organizations in New York City and beyond. The Fund's Incubator Program provides support to new nonprofit enterprises, government agencies that are planning or implementing new projects, and short-term research efforts that require private sector dollars for implementation. Projects receive fiscal, personnel and administrative management services and also benefit from the expertise of the Fund staff in areas such as fund and board development, contract management and personnel policies and management.


Fusion Partnerships, Inc.

1601 Guilford Avenue, 2 South, Baltimore, MD 21202
tel: (410) 889-4700

Through collaborative action, including fiscal sponsorship, Fusion Partnerships works to be a catalyst for justice and peace.  We are building a partnership of community based grassroots programs providing direct services and building skills for youth and adults to overcome historical disparities in Baltimore City.


Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition (GPUAC)

1207 Chestnut Street, Suite 700, Philadelphia, PA 19107
tel: (215) 851-1790

GPUAC unites government, business, neighborhoods and individual initiative to improve the quality of live in the region, build wealth in urban communities, and solve emerging issues.

Third Sector New England

89 South Street, Suite 700, Boston, MA 02111
tel: (617) 523-6565

Through fiscal sponsorship, Third Sector New England offers a home for unincorporated groups, projects and grassroots coalitions that are building stronger communities and providing leadership in the nonprofit field. We have provided fiscal sponsorship services since 1959 and have managed hundreds of federal contracts and grants over the past half century. We currently serve fiscal sponsorship clients based in New England and New York that have a local, regional national, or international focus.


ACTODAY Foundation, Inc.

2870 Peachtree Road, Suite 848; Atlanta, GA 30305
tel:   (404) 386-6829

ACTODAY Foundation, Inc.  (AFI) is a public, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the development of children through education programs, mentoring, family counseling, low income and elderly assistance, community & career development, and financial aid.  Likewise, we also develop and support organizations with similar interests using various methods for youth assistance.   As a fiscal sponsor, AFI welcomes organizations and individuals who need assistance to partner with us to achieve the goal of youth and community development globally.


Common Ground Athens

PO Box 408, Athens, GA 30603
tel: (706) 548-6011

Common Ground Athens is a community resource center for groups and individuals working for progressive social change.  Through providing training programs, fiscal sponsorship, meeting space, office machines and a library, Common Ground helps small community organizations strengthen and develop.  In addition, as a locally-based center, we facilitate frequent collaboration and skill-sharing among our 25 affiliate groups.


Fund for Southern Communities

4285 Memorial Drive, Suite G, Decatur, Georgia  30032-1230
tel: (404) 292-7600

The Fund for Southern Communities houses projects involved in building just and sustainable communities in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.  They act as a fiscal agent, requiring projects to do their own payroll processing and accounting.


If you are a fiscal sponsor and would like to be included in this list, please contact info(at)