Friends of the IGF Fund


Tides Foundation has established a fund to support the United Nations to advance the mission of the Internet Governance Forum (“IGF”).  The IGF is a forum for multi-stakeholder policy dialogue, to support the United Nations Secretary-General in carrying out the mandate from the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).

Tides Foundation has established the Friends of the IGF Fund to raise voluntary financial contributions from individuals, corporations, non-profit organizations and other nongovernmental entities to provide financial support to the United Nations for the IGF Project.

The Friends of the IGF Fund is committed to:

  • Independent fund management;
  • Transparency in the fundraising and grant-making process;
  • Broad support of the IGF mission, which includes funding the IGF Secretariat and its related initiatives for the advancement of the goals of the IGF, through the United Nations IGF Trust Fund; and
  • Minimal fund maintenance charge (3% of all contributions).

Current and past contributors of the Friends of the IGF Fund include:

  • Google Inc.
  • Intel Corporation
  • Facebook



If you would like to contribute to the Friends of the IGF Fund, please contact Edward Wang at 415-561-6387 or [email protected].

To donate online, please click here.