Death Penalty Mobilization Fund

Allowing Like-Minded Donors To Make a Difference

Human rights form the foundation of any healthy society. Protection from cruel and inhuman treatment is a constitutional principle that has guided American democracy since its birth.  Yet, the United States is one of the last industrialized nations to use capital punishment as part of its justice system.

Since its inception in 2000, the Death Penalty Mobilization Fund (DPMF) has offered individuals and institutions who want to abolish capital punishment a unique opportunity to partner with likeminded donors and activists to impact their shared concern -- a crucial, politically difficult, and chronically underfunded issue.

As a funding collaborative, the Death Penalty Mobilization Fund supports short-term, strategically-timed collaborations of local, regional and national nonprofits working to abolish the death penalty at the state and federal levels.  By strategically funding state-based activist organizations  in states which offer good prospects for progressive change, the Fund supports activities that range from expansion or enhancement of staff capacity, to public education, and direct and grassroots lobbying.  To date, the  fund has awarded approximately $2.2 million in grants to over 50 organizations across the country.


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