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As one of the leading outdoor clothing companies, Patagonia has a global presence.  Its corporate philanthropy spans the globe, from the United States and Canada to The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Luxembourg, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Australia, Chile, Argentina and Japan, touching each region where the company has a corporate presence. Their "1% for the Planet" program is the company's pledge to give 1% of all its sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment; giving preference to grassroots environmental organizations as their grantees.

About 30% of Patagonia grants go to non-U.S.-based organizations.  To facilitate these international grants, Patagonia established a donor advised fund with Tides. By 2005, those grants totaled more than $5 million and it continues to grow. 

"Grassroots groups abroad can sometimes be wary of corporate giving programs," said Lisa Pike, Director of Environmental Programs; "They worry that there will be 'strings attached.' So we actually have to encourage groups to apply for a grant. It all translates into a lot of paperwork and follow-up. And Tides has been a great partner through this process." 

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