Raising Voices

Protecting Against the Threat of Violence and HIV/AIDS

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Raising Voices works with over 24 organizations in 10 different countries to promote awareness about the vulnerability of young women to the threats of violence and HIV/AIDS. 

With operations in Kampala, Uganda, Raising Voices provides on-site technical support to community partner organizations in Uganda, Tanzania, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka; and their materials have been translated into nearly a dozen languages and utilized in 40 different countries.  

Among their initiatives, the Gender-Based Violence Prevention Network connects its growing membership of over 120 organizations working for change.   

Raising Voices’  important work has been recognized by the World Health Organization, USAID, and the Center for Disease Control.   

While Raising Voices operates at a global scale, as a Tides project, it relies on the strong support of US-based back-office management services.

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