Melissa BradleyIn an effort to engage our community in meaningful dialogue and discourse in the name of progressive values and social change, I am pleased to announce the launch of the Tides Learning Community.  We have had the privilege to work in many issue areas and over the years, and have gained a unique perspective that allows us to see across the interconnected web of issues and will use the Learning Community to find the common threads that leverage best practices and fresh perspectives to really move the dial on social change.

The kick off our Learning Community will take place on May 26, 2011 in New York City.  Harvest of Empire: A Community Briefing on Immigration is a dynamic panel that will demonstrate the link between US foreign policy and US immigration patterns, shift the debate on immigration from people to policy, and engage donors and the community in supporting key pro-immigrant strategies and policies across the US and foster different public and political immigration debate in 2012.  The event is co-sponsored by Atlantic Philanthropies, Demos, Ford Foundation and Open Society Foundation.  Click here to learn about the presenters and to RSVP.

Tides Learning Community will engage our clients, partners, and peers in interactive environments to spark learning, expand mind share and increase impact in the world. Leveraging technology as well as place-based gatherings for ongoing learning, discussion and exchange, the goal is to position Tides as a thought leader and co-convener in the field on important issues that deserve our attention, understanding and engagement.

The Learning Community will allow Tides to promote our core competencies in areas such as donor advising, fiscal sponsorship, green real estate and advocacy. It will also provide us a means to engage our stakeholders in our four focus areas:

  1. Justice: racial, social and economic
  2. Environment
  3. LGBTQ issues
  4. Gender equity

The Community events – be they webinars, conference calls, brown bags, or ask the expert video blogs – are designed to share values based perspectives to get stakeholders talking to each other – via dialogue and discourse. The goal is to have at least three events per quarter.

All of our Learning Community events will feature both speakers who are connected to Tides as well as allies or partners in the field. Our goal is to foster trust and authentic conversation and learning and hence we have a clear no solicitation policy; the Learning Community is for informational and engagement purposes only.

I hope you will join us for one or several of our planned events. Be sure to check our website for a calendar, your email for special invites as well as our request for your ideas on topics we should discuss and explore.

I look forward to learning and growing with each of you.

In Partnership,

Melissa L. Bradley