Editor’s Note: This guest post comes from Nina Simons, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Bioneers.

It’s going to be a truly breakthrough year at the Bioneers Conference, rife with relevant ideas, innovations, great people, systemic reinvention, and renewal.   This year, we are bringing an exceptionally high degree of strategic reinvention as we birth Bioneers 3.0.  No other gathering brings together cutting-edge innovators from all walks of life, addressing the widest range of issues imaginable – all within the framework of nature and sustainability.

What happens at Bioneers is hard to describe.  It is a remarkably diverse yet congruent group and most people leave feeling connected, well nourished, inspired to re-engage with our world in new and more networked ways.  It’s a high-quality and discerning marriage of heart, mind, hands, and spirit.

This year’s gathering features a stunning line-up of energy, conservation, restoration, remediation and legal/policy innovations (check out John Liu’s groundbreaking work, or Natalia Greene’s) and breakthrough solutions – like the National Security Sustainability Network, with Colonel Puck Myckleby.

Of course, you’ll also want to join Melissa Bradley for the following program hosted by Tides:

Recognizing and Honoring the Convergence of Race and the Environment

The Tides Foundation hosts a conversation examining the nexus between race and environment. What has worked and not worked in the environmental movement in engaging communities of color in a meaningful way? Can a racial/class/equity perspective help in bringing green spaces and increased access to healthy food and public transportation to disenfranchised communities? How can those most disproportionately affected by environmental harm be included in the conversation? The panel will conclude with the development of concrete recommendations for and from the audience. With: Melissa L. Bradley, CEO, Tides Foundation; Nikki Henderson, Executive Director, People’s grocery; Maya Wiley, founder and Director, Center for Social Inclusion.

And be sure to catch Melissa at:

Shifting Values: Women, Money and Power

Women in North America control 85 percent of consumer spending and are increasingly transforming the face of philanthropy. How can women’s greater emergence into leadership change the economic landscape to be more socially just and life-sustaining?  Hosted by: Anneke Campbell, author, filmmaker, midwife and activist.  With: Barbara Sargent, Executive Director of Kalliopeia Foundation and co-founder of New Field Foundation; Melissa Bradley, CEO of Tides Foundation, Lynne Twist, author and founder of the Soul of Money Institute and co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance.

There are also a lot of other great women’s leadership presenters and conversations as well as a wide and deep-ranging programming on justice of all kinds.  Of course, there’s great stuff on youth, education, arts, media and campaigns as well – take a look at a breakout of the program by each of the 13 topic areas.

It’s a great place to inform your philanthropy, meet and learn about new projects, and scan the entire landscape for patterns and trends.  If you’ve heard about and wondered about Bioneers before – this is the year to come. I hope you’ll join us, and trust you’ll be glad if you do.

And if you’re curious but can’t make it, there will be a free webcast this year as well.

Experience the leading-edge of progressive system-change at this year’s Bioneers Conference, October 14-16, in San Rafael, CA and in 21 other sites around the nation.  Bioneers is offering a registration discount of 20% to members of the Tides community – just enter code: TIDES20.