On Saturday, October 2, One Nation Working Together, a nonprofit project of Tides, held a rally on the National Mall. The group was led by a coalition of civil rights organizations and organized labor including the NAACP, SEIU, AFL-CIO, Center for Community Change, National Council of La Raza, US Action, Intergenerational Alliance, Green for All, and many more. Over 400 endorsing organizations brought 200,000 people from across the country to rally and give witness to A Refocusing of America’s Priorities.

After a week of torrential rains, a beautiful sunny day dawned on the National Mall. The energy of self-determination pulsated from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to the rolling hills outlining the Reflecting Pool and Washington Monument on the National Mall.

Over 200,000 people from every generation and walk in life – from the Hip Hop Generation to the Baby Boomers, the employed and unemployed, foreign, national-born, and visitors, union and non-union members, LGBT and straight, environmentalists, business owners, and every ethnic and faith group imaginable – gathered in joy out of love for this country.

We came together to be renewed and reinvigorated by inspirational messages from iconic and venerable civil rights, human rights, immigration, faith, environment and labor leaders, and actors. Many of the speakers were some of the same courageous trail blazers that stood with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, 47 years ago. They were joined by new leaders, demanding and reminding us of these same simple and important truths.

Regardless of race, religion, or politics; ethnicity, gender or sexual preference — We are One Nation. We can and must do better by our children, families and workers. We must end the hatred and racism that prevents all Americans, regardless of status, from having livable wages, good and safe jobs, decent housing, and high quality education.

We must vote this November 2nd and every election after that. It is our right and we owe it to our country, our children, and our future. We can be and make the change that makes our country great. Join me and vote, and keep voting, and speaking your truth.

Media Coverage the One Nation Working Together March: